U.S. - Israel Energy Center

Energy Cyber

Graphic featuring the outline of a wire tower


Prof. Yang Weng, Consortium Chair, Department of Electrical Computer and Energy Engineering (ECEE)
Prof. Wenke Lee, Chair in the School of Computer Science, Director of the Institution for Information Security & Privacy
Prof. Lalitha Sankar, ECEE
Prof. Sukarno Mertoguno, Co-Director of the Institution for Information Security & Privacy
Prof. Ying-Cheng Lai, ECEE
Stephen Feinson, Associate Vice President, International Development
Marie Stanley Collins, Department Manager, Department Head
Sara Jones, Director, Knolwedge Enterprise
Adam Hahn, Lead Critical Infrastructure Security Engineer
William Brant, Director of Strategic Integration
Joseph Huang, Executive Director, Business Engage
Ben Kroposki, Power Systems Engineering Center Director
Dr. Qiushi Cui
Rui Yang, Senior Research Engineer
John Dirkman, Vice President, Product Management
Honggang Wang, Senior Engineer, GE Research
Narasimham Vempati, Vice President, Analytics, Technology to Market
Roozbeh Emami, Senior Power System Engineer, Software Engineer
Xia Miao, Founder & CEO
Wesley Vance, Senior Software Developer, Security Engineering
Guanji Hou, Senior Power System Engineer, Analytics, Testing
Leib Bolel, President, CEO
Tyson Salewske, Sales and Customer Service Director, Technical Support for SEL Device
Elizabeth M. Cook, Senior Manager Industry Engineer
Ali Kazemi, Technical Support for SEL Device, Regional Technical Manager
Sudipta Chakraborty, Senior Management
Sarit Soccary Ben Yochanan, Managing Partner, Business Contributor
Philippe Bisson, Business Development Manager
Grigor Bambekov, Senior Vice President, Business Contributor
Rockwell Scott, CIO, User Feedback, Testing Owner
Matan Dobrushin, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer
Yaakov (J) Stein, CTO Project Manager
Prof. Yuval Elovici, SISE, Head of BGU Cyber Security Research Center
Ron Insler, Head of R&D Innovation Lab, Senior Networking Engineer
Prof. Rami Puzis, Israel Director & BGU Lead, Deparment of Software & Information Systems Engineering (SISE)
Alon Stern, Senior Synchronization Engineer
Prof. Asaf Shabtai, SISE
Prof. Bracha Shapira, SISE
Yehuda Ayalon, Head of Cyber Security
Dr. Nir Nissim, IEM
Roi Sidel, Legal Counsel
Mr. Oleg Brodt, [email protected], Project Manager, Chief Innovation Officer
Prof. Dan Blumberg, Vice President of BGU
Amir Samoiloff, CEO, Cyber Expert
Prof. Lior Rokach, SISE
Vladimir Vesnin, Vice President, R&D Manager and Software Developer
Prof. David Tolpin, CS
Hagai Galili, COO, Project and Engineering Manager
Prof. Yisroel Mirsky, SISE
Yaniv Cohen, Quality Assurance and Support
Ilan Gendelman, CTO, Project and Engineering Manager
Ilan Zidkony, CEO, Data Collection and Field Validation
Edan Kaplansky, Director, Data Collection and Field Validation
Patrick Dinkel, Vice President of Environmental & Chief Sustainability
David Boynton, Director, Data Collection and Field Validation
Mark Johnson-Barbier, Senior Principal Analyst
Brent Heyen, Senior Principal Analysts
Udi Ben Simon, CEO