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Graphic featuring the outline of a wire tower



Meptagon Group provides a one stop shop for industry's needs and integrated project services. They execute multi-disciplinary turnkey projects worldwide, through their five divisions: Management , Design & Engineering, Contracting, Agencies, Subsidiaries.

Meptagon Simulator

Simulator Picture 1
Simulator Picture 2
Simulator Picture 3
Simulator Picture 4
Demonstration Picture 1
Demonstration Picture 2
Demonstration Picture 3
The simulator includes (at the bottom of the pictures) a pneumatic industrial process based on FESTO elements. The process includes a compressor (located at the back of the panel). A Flow transmitter and Pressure transmitter send signals to a SIEMENS 1200 series PLC (located at the upper left side in the pictures). Once the simulator is operated, the compressor pushes compressed air to the air tank and after the pressure greaches the defined pressure, a piston (located at the right side in the pictures) moves up and down. The control system controls its speed. On the right upper side in the pictures, a Level 0 SigaGuard system monitors the activity of the pneumatic system. On the top left side, there is a RAD GW installed in order to have best connectivity to the simulator.

Ben Gurion University

[email protected]

[email protected] is an umbrella organization at Ben Gurion University, being home to various cyber security, big data analytics and AI applied research activities.Residing in newly established R&D center at the new Hi-Tech park of Beer Sheva (Israel’s Cyber Capital), [email protected] serves as a platform for the most innovative and technologically challenging projects with various industrial and governmental partners.

[email protected] Team Picture 1
[email protected] Team Picture 2
Cy[email protected] Team Picture 3

Oren Lab

This lab deals with studying the security of actual physical systems, both by attacking them and by proposing ways to defend against attacks. In the lab, experiments involve highly sensitive measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes, wideband receivers and signal generators,and apply advanced techniques such as correlation power analysis, differential power analysis and template attacks to assess the impact of side-channel attacks by measuring the leakage of a target device, such as an IoT device, under test.

DUT along with other Components
DUT connected to Raspberry PI
Oscilloscope showing Voltage Measurement

Arizona State University

Professor Yang Weng's lab at Arizona State University has multiple facilities and students work on various projects. The pcitures below represent projects in multi-dsciplinary areas like utility connected solar system, transmission system and SEL testing, dynamic transportation system and transmission grid software display.

Transmission System
Transportation/Power Systems
Utility Connected Solar System
Utility Connected Microgrid

Delek US

Delek US is building its ICS lab. The ICS lab will have a VMware Server with VMware vSphere software installed. The existing Cisco Switch will be replaced when the new switch is available. Below are the photos of the purchased equipment for the lab.

Rack Server Cabinet
Rack Server Cabinet
Palo Alto Firewall
Allen Bradley PLC
Allen Bradley PLC
Allen Bradley PLC
Dell and Cisco Switch
Dell and Cisco Switch