U.S. - Israel Energy Center

GoMed Consortium - Research and projects

Theme 1: Subsurface Analysis for Carbon Storage and Gas Reservoirs

Reservoir analysis

  • Design of automated methods for seismic interpretation and petrographic analysis based on improved algorithms and machine learning
  • Development of better models of offshore reservoir structure with an emphasis on the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Development of improved geochemical methods for determining the origin of H2S in offshore gas
  • Evaluation of hydrate formation/dissociation for offshore production in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea


Theme 2: Safer Production in Offshore Reservoirs

Offshore platform

  • Development and full-scale testing of distributed sensing for operations and well integrity
  • Development well-control training specific to Eastern Mediterranean operators
  • Development of improved sealants for wellbore integrity
  • Development of models to assess potential pollutant transport in the Israeli continental shelf region


Theme 3: Risk Assessment for Seafloor Infrastructure

Offshore pipelines

  • Assessment of risk posed by seafloor channels to infrastructure in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Development of tools for evaluating risk posed by induced seismicity to seafloor infrastructure
  • Developing tools for risk evaluation of offshore operations


Theme 4: Carbon Utilization Technologies and Upgrading Natural Gas

Natural gas upgrading station

  • Catalytic removal of sulfur compounds from natural gas
  • New catalysts and reactors for converting methane to methanol
  • Conversion of methane to aromatics