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To lead the global energy market, companies need to succeed in reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental safety. The GoMed international consortium is creating technologies that will make these goals attainable. Led by Tulane and Hebrew Universities, and funded by the U.S.–Israel BIRD Energy Center, GoMed is bringing these technologies to the private sector.

Technological thrusts and innovation pipeline

GoMed is developing transformative technological solutions that enhance safety and reduce carbon footprints in four main themes:

  1. Subsurface Analysis for Carbon Storage and Gas Reservoirs
  2. Safer Production in Offshore Reservoirs
  3. Risk Assessment for Seafloor Infrastructure
  4. Carbon Utilization Technologies and Upgrading Natural Gas

Unique value proposition

GoMed uses its unique expertise in energy policy, environmental sustainability and economic analyses to:

  1. Develop transformative technologies and bring them to market
  2. Train a skilled and diverse workforce
  3. Drive regional and local economic development

Technology Pipeline

Technology pipeline scheme

Workforce Pipeline

Workforce pipeline scheme