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Energy Storage

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There are 4 main research thrusts to the consortium

      Task 1 - Interface Engineering (Milestones and Deliverables):
      Develop protecting layers for solid electrolyte and high-energy cathode powders using ALD/MLD (BIU)
      Develop thin films of solid electrolytes (UMD)
      Develop protecting layers using electrophoretic deposition (EPD) (TAU)
      Develop ALD protecting layers for cell components (FN)
      Task 2 - Syntheis of Solid Electrolytes and Cathode Materials (Milestones and Deliverables):
      Ceramic and hybrid single phase organic-inorganic solid electrolytes (DZ @ BIU)
      Synthesis of high energy cathode materials (test in half-cells vs. Li) (BIU)
      Development of high-conductivity NASICON powders for room temperature Na battery operation (UMD)
      Task 3 - Modeling, Informatics, and Electrochemical Analysis of Metallic Anodes (Milestones and Deliverables):
      Lithium and sodium metal plating / stripping model development and validation (UMD)
      Big data and machine learning approach for materials choice with optimized properties (MZ)
      Usage of big data planning and analysis methodologies.
      Electrochemical measurements of Li and Na plating/stripping (TAU)
      Task 4 - Development of Fuel Cells (Milestones and Deliverables):
      Lithium and sodium solid state cell development (DA@BIU)
      Full cell development at 3DB (3DB)
      High-aspect ratio, nanoscale devices as research platforms (UMD)
      Sodium solid state full cell development based on NASICON solid electrolyte and porous electrodes (UMD)
      Full cell development at Ion Storage Systems (ISS)
      Task 5 Commercialization, Cooperation, Dissemination and Program Management