Officers Dr. Kim Jacoby Morris, Dr. Erik Blasch, Mr. Edward J. Lee, Ms. Ellen Robinson, and Capt. Renee Allen from the Air Force recently visited Professor Yang Weng's laboratory in Arizona State University. The officers gave an informative presentation on their STEM Workforce Development PreK-16, Faculty Programs, Research Funding Opportunities (MURI, YIP, PECASE, etc.), Graduate and Postdoc Opportunities, HBCU/MSI Funding Opportunities, and Instrumentation and University Collaboration Funding Opportunities.

The day started with lunch and after some group photos, various departments of ASU gave presentations upholding their research direction and future works in the Brickyard Room No. 660. This was followed by a laboratory demonstration by the students of professor Yang Weng in the Engineering Research Center Room No. 793. The primary theme of the demonstartion was 'Microgrid Demos for Air Force Bases with Renewables based on DDDAS'. The day ended with dinner and a presentation on American-Indian Programs at ASU. Below are some pictures taken during the lab demonstartion:

Professor Yang's group member explaining the hardware-in-the-loop system from the consortium
Professor Yang's student, Napoleon explaining the operational technology in energy grids
Professor Yang's student, Jiaqi shows how the lab is creating products with commercialization potential

The visit extended till November 10, 2022 which included breakfast and demonstartion from other ASU departments in the Memorial Union Room No. 238. The offciers were also given a Virtual reality Lab Experience in the Creativity Commons Building. The visit ended with feedback from the officers' side in CSI building, Room No. 102-2.

Overall, this was an enriching and informative two days where both ASU and AFOSR collaborated and exchanged ideas and future works.